Randy Blythe a free man


Randy Blythe of the Metal band Lamb of God (“LOG”) has today been acquitted of his manslaughter charges over the death of a Czech fan at one of their concerts in 2010.  This news has been in headlines on metal sites and mainstream news too.

The first link above provides a very detailed account of all the happenings so I will not be rehashing the facts.  I suggest you follow the link if you want to learn more.  What I will do is outline my TOP 3 takeaways below and I encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments too.

  1. Nothing is to be “celebrated” about this acquittal – per Mark Morton’s (guitarist) tweet:

    “Very relieved for my dear friend. But we still think of Daniel each and every day. There is nothing about this that can be ‘celebrated’”.

    I do not deny that Randy, his family and friends and band members have been very stressed and worried throughout this whole ordeal.  Indeed this is a “good” outcome for us metal fans as it means LOG can continue.But this is just one tragic tragic accident – let us acknowledge the outcome but also remember that a fellow metalhead has passed – RIP fellow metalhead.
  2. The public restraint shown by Daniel Nosek’s family

    A mother and father have lost their child.  This is hard enough already in normal circumstances.  Then consider the heartache they have had to go through being in the public limelight with some metalheads framing this situation as an “us against them” scenario.To those people – do you not realise there are no winners with this mentality?  There is no “them” – it’s all just “us”.  LOG have lost a fan, the metal community has lost a fellow metalhead, parents have lost a son and a friend has been lost to many.Given these circumstances, I think it is very commendable that the family have not come out attacking Blythe and LOG, as per Blythe’s statement to the court here .  Although I don’t think it would be justified, I would totally understand given the amount of heartache the parents must be going through.  What I mean is that heavy metal is a misunderstood genre and the ignorant think we are super aggressive people that are violent and primitive.From their perspective, I would not be surprised if they had a similar feeling about Blythe and LOG, even though that would be an incorrect assumption.I salute you, parents of Daniel Nosek, for possessing the restraint and understanding that many metalheads have not.I am so so sorry for your loss…the only consolation I can offer is that he died doing what he loved..however empty the consolation may be.

  3. The honour and dignity of the man that is…Randy Blythe

Fellow musicians and fans have acknowledged the courage and honour shown by Blythe throughout this whole ordeal.  Instead of hiding away in the U.S and avoiding a trial , which he was fully entitled to do under law, he manned the fuck up and went to trial.  He risked being put in jail for 10 years BECAUSE IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

Read these statements here and you will understand that Blythe is honour and dignity personified.

Mad respect to you Randy and I hope you and the family and friend’s of Daniel can now finally find peace in this unfortunate situation.

Guitar Poser with half a head


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